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Invited Presentations

Plenary 1 – Ally Murji and Lindsay Shirreff

Surgical Performance

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Plenary 2 – Malcolm Munro

Adenomyosis: New FIGO Classification

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Plenary 3 – Philippe Descamps

Chirurgie de l'endométriose en 2017 : Quel type et quand?  [Endometriosis Surgery in 2017: Which Type and When? – Presentation in French; slides in English]

Not available

Keynote Speaker – George Vilos

History of MIS in Canada

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Debate – Philippe Descamps and Jonathon Solnik


Not available

Panel – Elizabeth Randle and Nicholas Leyland

What Would You Do? Challenging Cases: ROUND 1

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There is no case 4

Plenary 4 – Karine Lortie

Management of Laparoscopic Complications

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Plenary 5 – Claude Fortin

Myomectomie par hystéroscopie : ‘’ Technologies de Pointe ‘’ [Hysteroscopic Removal of Fibroids: State-of-the-Art – Presentation in French; slides in English]

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Plenary 6 – Geoff Cundiff

Balancing the Needs of the Patient and the Learner

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Plenary 7 – Philippe Laberge

Endometrial Ablation Trends and Troubles in 2017

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Plenary 8 – Isabelle Lévesque

Relâchement pelvien : ‘’ Approches Diverses ‘’ [Pelvic Prolapse Approach in 2017 – Presentation in French; slides in English]

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Panel – Fady Mansour and John Thiel

What Would You Do? Challenging Cases: ROUND 2

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Debate – Sukhbir Sony Singh versus Catherine Allaire

Endometriosis-Associated Persistent Pelvic Pain: To Operate or Not?

Not available

Research Presentations

O-001 – La fluorescéine sodique : une alternative pour la visualisation des jets urétéraux cystoscopique après hystérectomie laparoscopique   – Presentation in French; slides in English. Léa Delbos, Centre Hospitalier de l’Université Laval (CHUL).

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O-002 – Pregnancy Outcomes Following Ulipristal Acetate Treatment for Uterine Fibroids: A Systematic Review and Multi-Center Canadian Case Series. Cassandra De Gasperis-Brigante, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto.

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O-003 – Influence of race/ethnicity on route of hysterectomy and inpatient surgical complications. Olga Bougie, Queen's University.

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O-004 – 

Sliding sign in the prediction of posterior cul-de-sac obliteration in women with suspected endometriosis. Paul Yong, University of British Columbia.

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O-005 – Canadian OBGYN Residents: Are they ready for independent practice? A National survey of graduating residents. Jessica Papillon-Smith, University of Toronto.

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O-006 – Implementation and Validation of a Retroperitoneal Simulation Curriculum. Eliane Shore, St Michael's Hospital.

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O-007 – Internal iliac artery ligation versus balloon occlusion at the time of hysterectomy for invasive placenta: a multicenter, retrospective review. Anita Kuriya, McMaster University.

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O-008 – Do Young Women Regret Their Hysterectomy? A Survey of Women 35 years of Age and Under. Michael W.H. Suen, University of Ottawa.

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O-009 – Implementation of a Same-Day Discharge Protocol Following Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. Alysha Nensi, McMaster University.

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O-010 – Relationship between pelvic disease and surgical site infection in women undergoing hysterectomy. Innie Chen, University of Ottawa.

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O-011 – Somatic mutations in deep infiltrating endometriosis. Paul Yong, University of British Columbia.

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O-012 – Prevalence of Occult Leiomyosarcomas in a Canadian Province: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Clara Wu, University of Saskatchewan.

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O-013 – Operating Room Utilization: A Retrospective Comparative Analysis of Perioperative Delays

Grace W. Yeung, Scarborough General Hospital.

Download O-013 »

O-014 – Influence of Resident Involvement in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Surgery on Surgical Outcomes: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Olga Bougie, Queen's University.

Download O-014 »

O-015 – Modeling the learning curves of incoming Surgical trainees. Ana Maria Iancu, St Michael's Hospital.

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