CanSAGE Membership

June 30, 2020 – renewable June 1, 2021

Benefits of Membership

  • FREE REGISTRATION to our upcoming virtual meeting – CanSAGE at home/ScanPEG chez nous – which will be held live on Sept 25-26

  • CanSAGE membership ID number and certificate

  • CanSAGE Listserv – restricted access to the forum for all CanSAGE members

  • Early notification and preferential access to online registration for the CanSAGE Annual Conference and tickets for limited events

  • Discount on registration fees for CanSAGE Annual Conference and other educational activities

  • Committee involvement, teaching and mentoring opportunities

  • Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting, to volunteer or be nominated for Board positions

  • Access to the new CanSAGE Video Library

  • Eligibility for future CanSAGE grant opportunities – CanSAGE has initiated the process to create a CanSAGE Foundation, which will have tax-exempt status and be tasked with the management of endowed funds for research grants and funding of special projects

  • Access to the “Members only” section on the website, including educational resources, career information, special job forum for fellows looking for available MIS positions in communities

  • Publishing opportunities – CanSAGE practice guidelines, clinical opinions, etc.

Membership Categories and Annual Dues 
– June 30, 2020 to June 1, 2021


$200    Regular (Practicing Physician) Membership – increases to $250 on August 1, 2020
$100    Associate Membership
$  75    Trainee Membership
$    0    Life Membership

Life members, as well as Regular and Trainee members paying dues, shall have the right to vote on CanSAGE matters.


a. Regular (Practicing Physician) Membership:
To be eligible to become a regular member of CanSAGE, an applicant must be a fully paid physician member in good standing of their provincial medical licensing agency.

b. Associate Membership:
To be eligible to become an associate member of CanSAGE, an applicant should be a professional in the health care field, or a non-clinical researcher / scientist.

c. Trainee Membership:
To be eligible to become a trainee member of CanSAGE, an applicant should be a medical or nursing student, resident, fellow, non-clinical trainee (e.g., graduate students). Resident/fellow members shall be those in Obstetrics and Gynecology training programs. All applications to the trainee category must be accompanied by a letter of verification of training status by the Residency/Fellowship Program Director or other authority.  Upon completion of their training, Resident/Fellow members will be eligible for regular membership.


d. Life Membership:
Life members must have been a member of CanSAGE for a minimum of 15 years and must be retired from active clinical practice, or have been a recipient of the George Vilos Award for Lifetime Achievement in Minimally Invasive Gynecology.


Admission to Membership

a. Procedures for admission:
The procedures for admission of new members shall be supervised by the Board of Directors.


b. Application:
Application for membership shall be made using the online form provided by CanSAGE.  Upon receipt of the application properly completed, and the payment of the required dues, the Executive of the Board of Directors shall make independent investigation if deemed appropriate to determine whether the applicant meets all requirements for membership.


c. Election:
Upon completion of the application and payment of dues, applicants for membership shall be deemed pertinent in evaluating the membership application.  The applicant shall become a member of CanSAGE upon favourable action by the Board of Directors.  No person shall have the right to be admitted as a member.  Membership is a privilege which may be granted only by the Board of Directors in it absolute discretion.  An application for membership shall not be reconsidered, once it has been rejected by the Board of Directors, until at least 6 months time has elapsed from the date of such rejection.

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