In memoriam – Jacques-Émile Rioux
January 4, 2020 – Québec, QC

The Professor Jacques Rioux passed away on January 4, 2020 surrounded by his children and wife. He was 84 years old.


We stand on the shoulders of giants in the field of Gynecology and Professor Rioux was one of those leaders.


Recognition of his incredible contribution to women's health is important because it shows that we can each make a difference in health care.


A brief overview of his accomplishments include:

  • The first application of bipolar energy in a laparoscopic procedure (1972) (the true inventor of the bipolar forceps);

  • Co-founder of AAGL - 1971;

  • First Canadian to become president of the AAGL - 1978;

  • Founder of the first IVF clinic in Canada in 1980;

  • Founder of the first abortion clinic in Quebec City.


More importantly, he was a witty, entertaining and open-minded individual who contributed significantly to women's healthcare globally.

Dr Jacques-Émile Rioux (2017 George Vilos Award Recipient) together with Dr Philippe Laberge, CanSAGE Montreal.

Written on behalf of the Canadian Gynecologic Surgeons who owe this individual a great deal of thanks for the perseverance and hard work that led to the above accomplishments. To learn more about Professor Rioux, here is an article from the Journal of Ob/Gyn of Canada: