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CanSAGE3 Debate

It's hard to believe that our third CanSAGE meeting is only a few weeks away. The planning committee met last night to put the finishing touches on what is going to be a great meeting. For those of you who have attended our previous congresses, you know what you are in for, please encourage your colleagues to join us for all the education, the new information and techniques and of course for the collegiality and fun. It is in that spirit of collegiality that I feel that a warning of sorts is in order for anyone who plans to attend the debate involving two of my former fellows, Dr. Darrien Rattray and Dr. Karine Lortie on Best Management for AUB. My objectives for the debate are to outline the investigation of AUB in making treatment decisions, determine the optimal treatment and demonstrate the importance of surgeon age and experience in making correct patient care decisions.

Much like Icarus ignored the advice of his father Daedalus to avoid hubris and not attempt to fly too high, it seems my former students have decided to fly high as well and challenge the wisdom and experience of their mentor. They seem to have forgotten everything I taught them about humility and respect, as well as how to appropriately manage abnormal uterine bleeding. Their plans to soar high in this debate will invariably end with their somewhat flimsy wings melting and like Icarus, they are doomed to fall from the heights. I want to apologize to all those in attendance who may be disturbed or uneasy watching the systematic dismantling of these young upstarts, but rest assured, it is not the first time I have had to school them and knowing them as well as I do, I doubt it will be the last.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting, come ready to learn, to engage and to have a wonderful time in Banff. Have a great day.

John Thiel MD, FRCSC

Provincial Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology

University of Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan

306-586-1800 phone

306-586-3511 fax

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