Canadian Fellowship Programs

MIGS Fellowship Program of the Month - March 2020

University of Calgary

Fellowship in Minimally Invasive and Complex Gynecologic Surgery 

The University of Calgary Fellowship in Minimally Invasive and Complex Gynecologic Surgery has been running since 2014 and has recently become a two year program. The goal of our fellowship program is to provide a training experience encompassing the variety of areas that can define the role of an MIS surgeon. With seven MIS staff from five different fellowship programs (Calgary, Mount Sinai, Sunnybrook, Ottawa and New Zealand) working at four different hospitals, our strength is in our diversity in experience and surgical approaches. The clinical focus is on severe endometriosis with multidisciplinary interaction, fibroids, MIS-urogynecology, and pain. Exposure to laparoscopic, vaginal, and hysteroscopic modalities is provided with ample opportunity to work in an ambulatory care setting in addition to the operating room. The fellow attends on average four OR days per week with an attending staff and balances mandatory research. We have a yearly research presence at CanSAGE and other national meetings with videos and abstracts that always draw attention and discussion.

Liane Belland 
Peter Lougheed Centre

Ari Sanders ​
Peter Lougheed Centre

Kathy Lo

Rockyview Hospital

Michael Secter
Foothills Medical Centre

Jackie Thurston ​
South Health Campus

Chandrew Rajakumar 

South Health Campus

Alese Wagner
South Health Campus

The fellow participates in a weekly clinic that allows for independent assessment. This results in comfort and efficiency with complex consultations, preoperative management and determination of plans, postoperative assessments and troubleshooting in addition to a familiarity and ease with pharmacological treatments and side effects. Our graduates are groomed in all aspects to be an MIS consultant that you can call upon for experience and support. 

Outside of clinical and academic work, Calgary is a playground for those who love the outdoors. Time for skiing and hiking in the Rockies can be squeezed in as time allows for work:life balance particularly on a bluebird sky or powder day! 

Our previous fellows provided much input into making our program what it is today. They have changed our practices, challenged us for the better and have gone on to do great things in the following great places:

Alese Wagner – Calgary, AB
Sabrina Tancrède – Quebec City, QC
Joannie Neveu – St. John’s, NL
Brigid Nee – Kingston, ON
Rupinder Dhaliwal – Edmonton, AB
Meghan O’Leary – current fellow