Canadian Fellowship Programs

MIGS Fellowship Program of the Month - December 2019

University of Ottawa & The Ottawa Hospital
Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery


The Ottawa Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (FMIGS) is an AAGL accredited fellowship program. The program began in 2009 and ten years later we are stronger and better than ever thanks to a great team and group of fellows. Our fellows have established themselves as leaders in MIGS across Canada and the world.

The strengths of the Ottawa MIG Program include a vibrant research program which seeks to improve our management of complex benign gynecology, from biomechanics in fibroids to novel endometriosis therapies. We have a dedicated clinical focus on management of complex benign gynecology, with a comprehensive approach to chronic pelvic pain, deep endometriosis, and outpatient hysteroscopy. The program is committed to innovation in medical education as evidenced by the collaboration with the Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre.

Our Philosophy

Building upon The Ottawa Hospital’s vision for patient centered care, we aim to provide our patients with compassionate world-class care that is based on a foundation of academic excellence. We strive towards this vision through our clinical, education and research missions:

  • Clinical: To provide women and their families with exceptional care that is evidence based, holistic and patient centered

  • Education: To provide our trainees (residents and fellows) and colleagues with innovative and cutting edge education, fostering excellence and developing the leaders of tomorrow

  • Research: To advance patient care through innovative research in women’s health

(Department of Ob/Gyn, The Ottawa Hospital)

Dr. Sukhbir S. Singh – Professor & Fellowship Director, AAGL

Dr. Karine J. Lortie Assistant Professor & Fellowship Co-Director, AAGL

Dr. Innie Chen – Associate Professor

Dr. Kristina Arendas – Assistant Professor

Dr. Vincent della Zazzera Assistant Professor​​

Current Fellows

Dr. Bach Nguyen  
(FRCSC McGill University 2019)

Dr. Caitlin Jago  
(FRCSC University of Calgary 2019)

Past Fellows

Dr. Sugandha Agarwal  (2014-2016)

Clinical Associate
Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, ON

Dr. Hong Sze Ching  (2015)

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Singapore O&G Group

Dr. Olga Bougie  (2015-2017) *AAGL FMIGS

Assistant Professor
Department of Ob/Gyn
Queen’s University School of Medicine

Kingston, ON

Dr. Michael W.H. Suen  (2016-2018) *AAGL FMIGS

Clinical Assistant Professor
University of British Columbia
Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, BC

Ma. Isidora Margarita Yap-Garcia  (2017)

St. Luke’s Medical Center
Manila, Philippines 

Dr. Cici R. Zhu  (2017-2019) *AAGL FMIGS

Department of Ob/Gyn
Humber River Hospital
Toronto, ON

Dr. Fatemah Alhadhoud  (2018-2019)

Consultant Ob/Gyn 
MIS Specialist 
Maternity Hospital Kuwait
Kuwait City, Kuwait

Dr. Warqa Alshayeji  (2009-2010)

Consultant Ob/Gyn 
MIS Specialist 
Maternity Hospital Kuwait
Kuwait City, Kuwait


Dr. Neeraj Mehra  (2010-2012)

Clinical Assistant Professor
Division of Gynaecologic Specialties
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Dr. Ramadan El Sugy  (2011-2012)

Brampton Civic Hospital
William Osler Health System
Brampton, ON

Dr. Andrew LaRoche  (2012-2013)

Chief of Ob/Gyn, Humber River Hospital
Assistant Professor

Dept. of Ob/Gyn at Queen’s University
Toronto, Ontario


Dr. Mina Wesa  (2013-2014)

Department of Ob/Gyn
Royal Columbian Hospital
Vancouver, BC


Dr. Chandrew Rajakumar  (2014-2016) *AAGL FMIGS

Assistant Professor
Section Head Minimally Invasive Gynecology
University of Calgary School of Medicine
Calgary, AB

The Team at Work

Drs Chen and Lortie

Team Reunion 2019

Fundraising during our annual Run for a Reason

Time Goes By So Slowly…(circa 2016)

Dress Code

Research Program

The Ottawa Minimally Invasive Gynecology (OMIG) Research Group is committed to helping improve gynecologic care for our patients and women everywhere.

Dr. Teresa Flaxman BScH (Guelph), PhD (Ottawa U.)
Post Doctoral Fellow

Erica Nichols RN
(Research Coordinator)

Monique Newman 
Administrative Lead)

Suzannah Wojcik BSCH
(Research Assistant)

Shannen McDonald PA
(Physician Assistant)